I'll have your spam

by brian d foy

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Is spam still spam if I ask for it? I would really like to take my Google Mail account for a test drive, but I am not getting any spam. Please send spam to brian.d.foy@gmail.com.

If you have a Nigerian banking scheme, a body part enlargement device, discount drugs, viagra, or any of the usual spam topics, I am soliciting your mailings, making them non-unsolicited. I have 1,000 MB of storage space, so send as much as you want as often as you want.

That being said, I have two things in mind:

  • Does the gmail spam filters catch most stuff?
  • Will the text ads shown for spam point to a competitor?

Remember to send that spam to brian.d.foy@gmail.com


2004-05-17 08:22:05
If you want it ...
I have about 1.28GB of spam sitting here, doing nothing ...
2004-05-17 08:55:43
GMail and spam handling
I forwarded email from a couple of domains that I have had sitting around for 7 - 9 years to my @gmail.com account and ran some tests.

The most amazing thing about spam on GMail is that sometimes it will bring a +ID Spam back into the inbox and attach new copies of the same spam into a conversation! This is specially easy to spot in spam that you mark / report manually. The next day GMail will pull back some of the spam into the inbox and attach new (identical) spam into the thread.... Not much of self-learning going on there.

The other interesting thing to note about spam handling on GMail is that most US originated SPAM tends to have a much higher match rate ( 75% in my case ) than the kind of things the guys down in South East Asia tend to churn out( 34 - 38% ).

In case someone is interested, I was able to do this originating check thing by keeping a log of inbound connections to the smtp server, and doing reverse lookup's on the connection IP, rather than going by what Domain is reported in the handshake. Based on the Country reported as I added a small {UK} or {US} into the subject line ( I know this might interfere with the spam id process, but one tends to hope the system is working on content analysis and not only on headers )

Would be interesting to see how your tests get along.....

- Karanbir Singh

Liudvikas Bukys
2004-05-17 10:53:33
introducing Aaron Pratt
Aaron Pratt is a couple of weeks ahead of you. He's logging some statistics at .
2004-05-17 23:56:11
I am feeding you

I modified my spam filter (bogofilter) to forward to your gmail address all the spam I receive. When you'll have had enough, let me know, I'll stop it.