iMovie 6 Hacks: Theme in Peach

by Erica Sadun

So my copy of iLife 6 arrived in the mail this morning and I spent a few happy hours hacking around the new version, playing particularly with the new Themes feature. Updating the themes proved very easy, particularly with the delicious Quartz Composer.

I played around with "Reflection - White", converting it easily into "Reflection - Peach", but was unable with the time given to figure out how to add new Themes or to create additional options for a given theme.

The secret? Descending into /Library/Application Support/iMovie/Themes/ReflectionWhite.bundle/Contents/Resources and gussying up the Open.qtz file. Had to import one background image (in this case, a basic peach backdrop, although I originally used a Google Earth image of our old house) and set three colors for the fades.

Here's what it looked like when all was said and done.



Mitch Chapman
2006-02-04 18:43:02
It looks like these steps work for creating a new theme. I'm not sure they're all necessary.

Quit iMovie HD 6.

Navigate with the Finder to /Library/Application Support/iMovie/Themes/

Duplicate the theme of which you want to make a modified copy, and change its name (if you don't like the default "Blah Copy.bundle" name). In the following steps, I'll assume the copy is named "Foo.bundle".

Edit the theme's Contents/Info.plist file with Property List Editor. Change the value of the CFBundleExecutable key to match the name (sans ".bundle" extension) of the theme directory: "Foo".

Assuming your Mac is set to an English locale, edit the theme's Contents/Resources/English.lproj/InfoPlist.strings file. Change the value of the CFBundleName entry to match your theme's directory name: "Foo". (If you're running with a different locale, of course you'll need to make your changes in the appropriate .lproj folder.)

In the same folder edit the Localizable.strings file. Change the value of the ThemeName to the _unique_ name under which you want your theme to appear in iMovie, e.g. "My Foo Theme".

Relaunch iMove HD 6. When you switch to the Themes pane, the popup menu at the top should now list your new theme under the name "My Foo Theme".

ricardo silva
2006-02-23 16:28:54
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