Improved Snapshot interface for MySQL backups

by Paddy Sreenivasan

We have significantly improved the snapshot interface for doing MySQL backups using ZRM. This work has been released as part of ZRM 2.0. ZRM 2.0 has couple of snapshot plugins - Linux LVM and Solaris ZFS that uses the interface.

Changes in ZRM 2.0:
* Solaris packages
* ZRM clients for Linux (RPM/Debian) and Solaris
* Tested on Gentoo distribution
* Improved Snapshot plugin interface
* Solaris ZFS snapshot plugin
* Backup of remote servers using snapshots
* Asychronous checksum computation for improved backup performance
* Backup compression on the fly for logical backups

Download it from Zmanda downloads page and give it a try. I will write more about how to use the plugin interface next week.