Incrementally Open Sourcing Java

by Robert Cooper

InfoWorld has a discussion with Brewin about open sourcing Java in stages. While it is not a new idea, open sourcing SWING out of the gate would not be bad. I imagine that out of things in the JRE stack, there is less baggage there than in the rest JVM. Plus that would move a lot of things like GCJ and Harmony along at a much much faster clip. I did find this a bit annoying:

Some components of Java that could be open-sourced in an incremental fashion include the Java virtual machine, the runtime environment, the Web services stack and the Swing GUI components. There has been some discussion about releasing the virtual machine, Swing, and the runtime at the same time, Brewin said.

Now, pretty much the whole Web Services stack is already available with Glassfish. There are only a few components left that are not open source, and most of those are just API specs. However having a list of licenses like this is a bit offputting.


Dalibor Topic
2006-07-20 14:14:46
I can only guess at what he meant with the web stack, so I assume he means the JAXB/StAX/whatever is currently being thrown into 1.6.