India putting the boots to Microsoft.

by Steve Mallett

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The Times of India is reporting: "President A P J Abdul Kalam on Wednesday urged Indian IT professionals to develop and specialise in open source code software rather than use proprietary solutions based on systems such as Microsoft Windows.

Kalam expressed this view after taking a tour of the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), at the Software Technology Park,Hinjewadi Pune, which was dedicated to the nation on Wednesday.

He said that he saw the extensive use of MS Windows at the institute and felt that India needs to look for software solutions based on open source codes.

This is important for security reasons and also because of the costs involved in purchasing proprietary software. Open source code operating systems such as Linux do not carry any licensing fees and offers higher operational security.

"The most unfortunate thing is that India still seems to believe in proprietary solutions. Further spread of IT which is influencing the daily life of individuals would have a devastating effect on the lives of society due to any small shift in the business practice involving these proprietary solutions. It is precisely for these reasons open source software needs to be built which would be cost effective for the entire society," Kalam said. "

In other news, sales of "Learning Perl", "Running Linux", "Learning Python" and "Apache: The Definitive Guide" are bound to increase. 8^)