Indie Dev Brings Mac Compatibility to Logitech's Z-10 Audio System

by Derrick Story


Recently, I posted a review of the Logitech Z-10 interactive speakers. Great speakers, but far more interactive for Windows users than for Mac. That is, until Marc Liyanage dived in and wrote the LogitechLCDTool. Now Mac users can use the Z-10's LCD display too.

I've test the LogitechLCDTool, and it's terrific. I decided to find out more about Marc and how he did this. So here's a brief interview with a peek behind the scenes.


2007-01-08 12:33:10
Excellent art, looking forward into delving deeper into system programming.
2007-03-08 21:43:09
Hope that the clock features are possible on Z10™`s. An ideal speaker system for matching a mini
what drives my Sharp™ LCD ™ TV. Well matched for a small front room! All trademarks are not mine.

PS if can attach a powered sub woofer let me know!