Indie iMixes

by Michael Brewer

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Last week the rumors about iTunes Music Store prices rising past $1 reached their peak. Thankfully, Apple stepped in and let everyone know it isn't happening. It did make me think about the way the recording industry has been treating their customers over the past few years, and about a way that we can do our part to revolutionize musical culture.

We need to support artists and labels that don't consider their listeners the enemy. In the past it was time consuming and possibly even down-right difficult to find good independent music, but Apple has provided an excellent way to facilitate this with the most recent release of iTunes. I've created an iMix that lists a few of my top indie songs. Check it out, rate it, link it, and support these people.

Other indie iMixes (as I find them): indie goodies

If you've made or seen other indie-only iMixes, please Talk Back with links to them.


nathan strange
2004-05-12 19:31:43
another indie band
Breech is another indie band to consider for your iMix:

Apron Strings nicely works in accordian and clarinet with a rock sound and List of Kisses is a fun song.

nathan strange
2004-05-12 19:33:15
another indie band
sorry for the formatting, here are the links...

Aron Strings:

List of Kisses:

nathan strange
2004-05-12 19:53:47
theme imix's
I really like the themed iMixes, but I haven't figured out how to search for them... This one is Space themed music: and this one is Elavator Music

2004-05-13 10:57:00
another indie band
Thanks for the links. List of Kisses was an especially nice song. The singer's voice has a really cool sound. I'll probably add it to my iMix.
2004-07-22 17:23:22
I'm curious as to how the imixes get attached to a group's page. For lesser known groups, it seems to happen almost instantly, but I've noticed that for some of the groups with a bit of a name for themselves, if you click on "all imixes" you don't really see them all. How do they work out which ones are worthy?

Anyway, here's a rockin' indie imix that I compiled: