Indies on iTunes Plus

by Chris Adamson

Looks like Ars was right about iTunes Plus changes today. iT+ tracks are now 99 cents (US), down from US$1.29, and there are a number of new tracks available from independent labels.


2007-10-16 10:22:15
Sadly in the UK it doesn't appear to be all iTunes Plus tracks that have got cheaper. All the music that was available last week in iTunes Plus still seems to be £0.99 per track (vs £0.79 for DRM'ed tracks), but some new stuff has appeared listing at £0.79 for an iTunes Plus track.

Sadly anything linked to from the iTunes Plus home page seems to be of the expensive variety, which might put people off.

2007-10-16 12:39:03
I see no price cut... they're still $1.29 for me.
Eric S
2007-10-17 04:45:43
I was okay with having to pay to upgrade the one album that was newly available (and at the lower price) in iTunes Plus. I didn't encounter either of the "weirdnesses" you did: the upgrade downloaded immediately, and I was asked whether I wanted to keep or trash the original version.