Infinite Spire would have graced New York City WTC site

by Andy Oram

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Author Brian McConnell gets himself implicated in quite a number of
unusual projects. Although he's a telecom innovator by trade, he also
wrote a
on the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) project for
O'Reilly. Now he's trying to bring the infinite down to earth with his
project for a spire that, through optical illusion, would look to
people nearby as if it extended indefinitely high in the sky.

The project was rejected by the committee in charge of the WTC site,
which is understandable because it's uncertain and oddball. But I
would probably like the results better than whatever
bureaucratic-state compromise they come up with. The concepts behind
the spire are fairly simple, and even the math is mostly
understandable. Maybe somebody else will be inspired to give the
spire a try.