InfoPath and XForms go their separate ways

by Micah Dubinko

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According to, Microsoft is releasing InfoPath only with Office 2003 Professional Enterprise version--which is only available on the volume licensing program.

In a recent survey, 72% of Microsoft customers declined to join the volume licensing program. As a result, only a the largest, most heavily Microsoft-invested companies will be able to run the InfoPath "thick client" on their desktops.

Contrast this with XForms, of which eWeek just said:

there's a natural synergy between the equally interoperable HTML and XML that InfoPath misses. Those looking for another approach should point their browsers at XForms.

XForms also has multiple free implementations, on devices as small as phones and as large as servers.

For the time being, rather than "embracing and extending", Microsoft appears to be deliberately distancing themselves from XForms, which seems to be the most comfortable position for both sides.

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