Information Week Interviews Microsoft Open Source Leads

by Todd Ogasawara

Information Week published the results of Q&A sessions with Microsoft's Sam Ramji (senior director of platform strategy) and Tom Robertson (general manager of standards and interoperability).

Microsoft Open Source, Standards Chiefs Tout 'Openness'

Here's a sample of the questions Information Week asked:

  • How do you approach people to work out cross-licensing or interoperability deals between Microsoft and the open source community?
  • How much of this recent public push towards "openness" is about the realities of the Web and of the emergence of open source as a viable model versus something else? The people that you need to convince, they're going to be skeptical.
  • How do you convince people that Microsoft is no longer just creating de facto standards over time? That's an argument that you've had to make over and over again as recently as Open XML.
  • Are there certain thoughts about, here are the things we develop in an open source model versus a shared source model versus keeping it all proprietary?
  • So how do you address the "distinction between popular perception and the reactions of leaders of open source communities," as Sam put it? How do you go about changing the minds of those who think Microsoft will always be about 'embrace, extend, extinguish'?
  • Does Microsoft need to make its specs explicitly usable with the GPL? Why or why not?

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