Installing ICC Profiles In Aperture

by Scott Bourne



Last week, I wrote about color management. This prompted several e-mails from readers who need help using ICC profiles.

Step one, is to acquire the profile. If you have your own colorimeter, then you can build your own profiles. If you use a standard inkjet printer from a major company like Epson or Canon, you will receive profiles with your printer. Lastly, if you work with an outside service such as MPIX, you'll be able to obtain profiles from the service provider.

But what do you do with these profiles when you get them?


2007-02-06 07:30:36
The one Aperture behavior that has really puzzled me concerning ICC profiles is the "Open with External Editor" appears to be unchangeable from the RAW preset (I can't get output of any profile other than AdobeRGB for my NEFs).

Am I missing something or is this a genuine shortcoming?

2007-11-21 13:47:08
I need somethink to change the color of my display .I want to do black and white can u help me?