Integrating ActiveMQ Web Console

by Dejan Bosanac

If you build an application that integrates ActiveMQ broker, it makes sense that you want to integrate its web console as well. It provides your users with basic monitoring and management operations. One road you can take is to integrate it as a WAR archive, but as you already have a whole lot of ActiveMQ integrated, you probably want to include just necessary subset of libraries and files and always have most up to date version of it.

This integrations is not as seamless as it probably should be, but here are a couple of steps I found do the job for me (and hope can help someone else with the same requirements). I use Maven2 as a build tool and its assembly plugin to create a final distribution. If you are using some different building environment it is probably the best to stick with customized WAR archive.


2007-06-08 04:26:11
Good article.