Intel®'s Bold Move with Linux™

by Tom Adelstein

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Intel's move into India, China, Brazil and Egypt has allowed it to move outside the box of Microsoft's governance with Linux as the linchpin of its marketing strategy. One has to wonder if the such a move makes sense. In the short-term, it might cost Intel but it depends on how quickly they can gear up in the gigantic and untapped markets they've established themselves.

They stated that "some expect the Microsoft Windows* market share, today well in excess of 90 percent worldwide, to erode in the coming years. Market share for Mac OS X* is expected to remain flat and demand for every other non-Microsoft desktop operating system is expected to dwindle. So Linux, already the fastest growing desktop operating system, is poised to continue making desktop inroads".

Does that mean they see the move of Apple Computers to the Intel chip as less significant than Linux? Or was this published before the announcement by Mr. Jobs?

For an indepth look at what no hardware manufacturer has ever done before with Linux, read Intel® Linux™ versus Microsoft® Windows and Chinese Halloween with Intel to get an idea of what Intel has done for DesktopLinux.