Intel's Open Source fraud

by Sam Smith

Intel, despite claims of openness and support for open source is, again, refusing to allow open source OS' to freely redistribute the binary firmware required to make their products work.

They'll sell you the hardware, but don't want it to just work on free OS'. They claim to support open source, but don't follow through on the talk.

This isn't about releasing source code, it's about allowing redistribution of the binary firmware which runs on the card itself to make it work.

If you want Intel hardware you paid for to work properly, you might want to read more.


2006-10-01 03:21:42
More than that, they are actively working with vendors to criple their BIOS so laptops only accept a range of their wifi cards. Sure they are open, open for business!
Carla Schroder
2006-10-01 13:23:49
When I read about this sort of thing, it sounds like a parallel reality. On this side, us normal people who just want to get our work done, and who want to be Intel's customers, and who apparently foolish enough to believe their claims of love for the Penguin. On the other side, terrified Intel execs huddled behind the closed drawbridge, preparing the boiling oil.

"Make those rabble at the gates go away!"
"What rabble, sire?"
"The rabble, you fool, they're out there now!"
"Sire, those are customers. They have purchased our products and seek assistance."
"Noooo! Release the boiling oil!"

Cristi Magherusan
2008-06-01 16:02:47

I own a laptop that includes a 3945 wireless adapter. As a buyer, It is my *right* to have a firmware that I may do whatever to do with, since the hardware I bought won't work without that firmware.

I promise you I won't ever buy Intel hardware again, since I can't do whatever I want with it and its firmware.