Interesting Interview About Blackhat Culture

by Derek Vadala

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Robin Miller (Roblimo) has posted a great interview with Andrew D. Kirch, security administrator, Abusive Hosts Blocking List (AHBL). AHBL provides typical DNS blackhole services-- it's actually a replacement for the Summit BL-- and they're developing some other interesting services as well.

Kirch has spent some time on IRC, monitoring the activities of various blackhat channels and script kiddies. Though most of his revelations will come of no surprise to the security community, it's nice to see coverage with this level of detail, rather than the typical misinterpretations that ensue when other outlets cover this topic.

I would like to see Miller post the full text of the interview and conduct some follow-up with Kirch, or others, though what he provides is an excellent start.

Post links to similar coverage, or your own anecdotes.