Interesting Stuff

by Erica Sadun

Are Adobe and Apple at War? [InvBizNews] The article suggests that ex-Adobe Lightroom engineers built Aperture for Apple. Let's hope that the two companies find peace. We need CS3.

New Jersey launches iTunes Tax [CNet] We've had iTunes taxes here in Colorado for quite a while. Welcome to the club.

Le Zune []. Ah. So that's where the name came from.

Fairplay: Reversed Engineered and for Sale [] DVD Jon Lech Johansen says he's about to offer Fairplay-like DRM to non-Apple vendors so their offerings can be both protected yet still play on the iPod.


John Dowdell
2006-10-05 11:59:42
re that "war" story, I was at that meeting, and don't recall hearing anything remotely resembling what was paraphrased from anonymous sources to that anonymous author.


Erica Sadun
2006-10-05 12:26:36
Thanks John. Always better to get firsthand info.
2006-10-06 09:18:17
There's more in the same site today about the release of Contribute and the reasons Apple may do its own version of Photoshop
Erica Sadun
2006-10-06 09:19:02
Thanks PhotoHogg. Here's a direct link to the article you mention.