Interview with Ian Gilman: Microsoft PhotoSynth

by Todd Ogasawara

Microsoft PhotoSynthPort 25's Hank Janssen interviewed Ian Gilman from the Microsoft Live Labs Seadragon Project (12 minute interview). You might be more familiar with their PhotoSynth project. One of the outcomes of this specific project related to the Open Source world is the first Firefox plugin developed at Microsoft.

Hank also looks back at his first 10 months at Microsoft as the resident skeptic at the Microsoft Open Source Software Lab. He lists his impressions and significant events during this period. You can find this blog item and the link to the interview with Ian Gilman in a blog entry titled...

We're Writing Firefox Plug-ins? Interview with Ian Gilman and Thoughts on 10 Months at Microsoft

Of course, what we all want to know is when the rest of us can upload our own photos to create our own PhotoSynth image collections to wander around in.