Interview with Luis Lavena

by pat eyler

While I was interviewing Zed Shaw (you can read the interview here), he said a lot of good things about Luis Lavena, who's been doing great work for Ruby on Win32 systems.

Since I don't know much about Ruby on Windows (other than it often being seen as a second class citizen), and even less about Luis, I wanted to talk with him about what he's doing and how it's going to help Ruby. A short email exchange quickly grew into a great conversation that I wanted to share with you.


pat lynch
2006-05-23 19:28:22
interesting piece. I'm new to RoR and Ruby but I'm very impressed with it. I'm coming from ASP.Net [VB.Net and C#] and I have really fell in love with RoR. I'm currently learning RoR, after that, I plan on installing 3 web apps.
2006-05-24 07:57:40
glad you liked it and welcome to Ruby and RoR.
Shad Vick
2006-07-18 13:31:19
Great article. I'm watching Ruby closely as our firm has switched from PHP completely to Ruby with Rails and I think it may go mainstream soon. We're hiring here in SLC if you know any good RoR developers. =)
2006-07-18 13:33:49
glad to hear you're hiring in SLC. There are a bunch of Ruby and RoR guys here and in the Utah Valley. You should get involved in our local Ruby Brigades and spread the word about your openings there.