Interview with Michael Koziarski: Ruby on Rails Core Team Member

by Todd Ogasawara

Anandeep of Microsoft's Open Source Labs posted a blog with a brief...

An Interview with Ruby on Rails Core Team Member: Michael Koziarski

It is an interesting interview if you, like me, are interested in learning a bit more about why certain people choose certain tools of the trade (Ruby on Rails in this case). But, personally, given Koziarski's deep involvement with Rails, I would have been more interested if some of the following topics had been discussed (hint and request for future interviews):

  • I first tried Rails on a Linux box. However, I recently had to opportunity to watch my new development partner take a look at it starting out on a Windows PC. It seemed to me like the PC configuration is strictly for prototyping and testing, not for production. Is this an incorrect perception?
  • Rails works fine with the database I use for nearly all projects of any kind: MySQL. But, what if you or your customer wanted to use Microsoft SQL Server or the soon to be nearly Open Source Microsoft FoxPro?
  • Is it possible for Microsoft-centric development shops to use Visual Studio and Visual SourceSafe to build and maintain Rails projects?