Interviews with Sun's Danese Cooper and Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart

by Steve Anglin

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Recently, interviews with Sun's Open Source Diva, Danese Cooper, and Sun's Java Web Services Developer Pack Architect, Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart have been posted.

First, held an interview with Danese Cooper, who manages Sun's Open Source (OS) Programs Office. The interview reviews Sun's progress in making good on its promise to allow OS versions of its specs, compatibility branding for OS projects, the reason why JBoss can't be J2EE branded, etc.

And finally, recently interviewed Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart as part of its Hard Core Tech Talks series. He describes the Java Community Process (JCP) and the role of a spec lead. He talks about Sun's Web services strategy, and how current vendors' approaches to building Web services differ from that of Sun. He describes how developers can use the different JAX APIs in their projects, and discusses the role of JAX-RPC, JAXM, and JAXR. He also looks at Web services support in J2EE 1.4.