Intricate Detail of Nature's Perfection

by Harold Davis

As an argument for keeping photos on file, and being prepared to revisit their treatment in the digital darkroom, this image is a good case in point. The original was a wild flower along the lines of a dandelion in a field near Sea Ranch. I photographed it this summer in the early morning, covered with drops from a heavy ocean mist.

Retrieving the photo from my files a few days ago, I gave it an alternate (and I believe more compelling) treatment.

Intricate Detail of Nature's Perfection

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Another issue this image raises is the extent to which digital photography is a new medium. I've made very clear my view that the post-processing part of digital photogray is integral. Ignore what you can do in Photoshop at your peril.

With freedom comes responsibility: the capture is the starting place, and my image can go almost anywhere from that starting place. That's nice, but then I am completely responsible for the image, and I can't excuse it by saying, "But the scene was like that!"