Introducing iOmniWeb

by Francois Joseph de Kermadec

The good folks at the Omni Group must be happy. Apple has just promoted their browser to be part of the iLife suite of applications. Well, almost.


2006-02-16 06:32:03
Seems to me the script is probably looking for iWeb - (Omn)iWeb.
Zach Inglis
2006-02-16 06:35:17
Or it could be finding anything with the name "iWeb" in it (rather than "Web" as "Omn-iWeb"
2006-02-16 06:43:26
It shouldn't have happened. It isn't difficult to apply a regex that would find "iWeb" and ignore "OmniWeb". On the other hand, I'm in favor of shutting everything possible down when installing new software or applying updates.
Chris Mear
2006-02-16 06:43:59
Sounds like another piece of quality scripting from the genius that brought us the "iTunes 2 erases your hard drive" bug:

At least this one wasn't destructive...

2006-02-16 07:10:45
This happened too with the Backup update and my Tri-Backup background process was causing it to scream at me that a copy of Backup was still running. Very annoying and very amateurish scripting on Apple's side. Especially since you wouldn't know what's going on if you're not familiar with Terminal. tsk, tsk, tsk

2006-02-16 07:29:09
furry or fury?
2006-02-16 07:33:26
LOL! Thanks for catching it... As much as I would like to see a furry Software Update, fury seems more appropriate here. Typo corrected.
2006-02-16 08:20:01
Hey, what if it was looking for things that used webkit, since omni uses that too
2006-02-16 08:30:25
OmniWeb doesn't use WebKit (yet) it uses its own modified version of WebCore.
2006-02-16 09:15:50
It got me too. I was just reading this when it asked me to quite OmniTunes.
2006-02-16 13:23:33
The same thing happened when I first installed iWeb. Well, essentially.

In its zeal to place these new icons in my dock, it placed the iWeb icon right where the OmniWeb icon lives and got rid of OmniWeb from the dock. (Pretty noticable since OmniWeb sits in the honored first position in the dock and of the iLife apps, I only use iTunes often enough to warrant a place in the dock. The others stacked up at the end with iWeb sitting all by itself off where OmniWeb usually is.)

2006-02-16 15:17:29
Actually, it probably detects anything with the word "iWeb" in it as OmniWeb would fit into that category.
2006-02-16 18:22:00
Same used to happen with iTunes; "iTunes Helper" or whatever it was called would match and stop the thing from working. The idea (Apple, are you listening?) is either to search for ^iTunes$, or to search for a process called "iTunes" with a Carbon PSN, or to 'tell application iTunes to quit'. Carbon PSNs are a ridiculous piece of history and ought to die. NOW.
2006-02-16 19:25:03
ah! i was wondering what was going on. OmniWeb was indeed running when Software Update asked me to quit iWeb, and iWeb was not. i decided to quit all my open apps.. and the installer continued. i didn't even make the OmniWeb/iWeb connection, but it makes sense.
Josh Peters
2006-02-16 21:44:40
Yeah, I noticed that too. As a happy and proud OmniWeb user I was bummed that Software Update would behave so poorly. I had to switch to the user that was running OmniWeb in order to continue the install.