Introducing O'Reilly's Developer News Site

by Steve Mallett

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Over the past while, we here at the O'Reilly Network have been musing on what makes a good daily news site. Collectively we've looked at what makes our personal favorite news sites tick.

I'd like to introduce you to O'Reilly's Developer News site. I think it is the cumulative work of the best parts of news sites today. You'll notice that we're leaving the in-depth reporting to the folks who do it best. You'll also see that we're highlighting what we feel are the most interesting and important stories and featuring links to the news that fills out the day. The site purposefully leaves our personal commentary and opinion on the back burners, we'll leave that to our bloggers, while exercising one of our greatest talents, filling you in on what is happening in the tech world and what's interesting that we see on the horizon, aka "evenly distributing the future".

Journalism has undergone such vast challenges in the last few years with the advent of personal weblogging that many of our readers will be providing the news. With the rise of everyone becoming a cub reporter we're more than happy to link to personal 'blogs when you break a story. Often weblogs are scooping some traditional news sites. So, why be traditional?

Please enjoy the site via the web or RSS, and feel free to make it a part of your personal web. We're also still pondering a few features so let us know if there is anything specific you'd like to see added to the site.


2003-08-29 08:34:59
why the extra indirection in the RSS feed?
On the new news site, when I click on "Apple Switching to Bash for Panther," it takes me right to the story at However, the RSS item for this story links to, which has a regular HTML link to and pretty much nothing else, not even a story summary. So from FeedReader, clicking "read on" doesn't take me to the story, but to something else that I have to click to get to the story. Why not just put the in the RSS item link?


2003-08-29 10:30:10
why the extra indirection in the RSS feed?
Hey Bob,

I'll check into that. Thanks.


2003-08-29 16:17:04
why the extra indirection in the RSS feed?
We've got it all fixed up.


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