Introduction to Ajax4Jsf

by Krishna Srinivasan

Red Hat and Exadel announced an exciting strategic partnership. Exadel is contributing their commercial products, RichFaces and Exadel Studio Pro, to open source at The Ajax4jsf project has also moved to as JBoss Ajax4jsf.

The Ajax4jsf framework is implemented using a component library that adds AJAX capability to your existing pages without having to write any JavaScript code or replace existing components with new AJAX widgets. Ajax4jsf also takes full advantage of the benefits of the JSF framework including lifecycle, validation, and conversion facilities, along with the management of static and dynamic resources.Shunmuga Raja writes about ajax4jsf here .

Introduction to Ajax4Jsf


2007-06-27 23:09:21
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Dan Allen
2007-07-01 10:37:28
There is some good information in this article, if you can manage to extract it from the ore. The lack of editing is astounding. There is a good reason why this article isn't published here at the OnJava site.
2007-07-10 19:15:35
I would agree with Dan. Most of the articles you post need a lot of editing effort. There are plenty of grammatical errors.