by Scot Hacker

Just a note to introduce myself to o'reillynet blog readers:

I'm Scot Hacker, author of O'Reilly's "MP3: The Definitive Guide," as well as Peachpit's "The BeOS Bible." I also maintain The BeOS Tip Server and wrote a monthly BeOS column for Byte for several years (you may have read He Who Controls the Bootloader, which examined Microsoft's stranglehold on the master boot record and how that affected smaller companies (such as Be) competing in the OS space).

The BeOS years are over for me now. While I still miss many things about BeOS, I converted to OS X soon after Be's demise became official, and wrote about the conversion process in a two-part piece titled Tales of a BeOS Refugee (and the follow-on Refugee Redux piece). Those pieces were slashdotted, and the rest is history.

I use Mac OS X exclusively now. I'm finished harping on the BeOS comparisons - suffice to say it's all about user-friendly Unix for me. There are a thousand differences between BeOS and OS X, but one common thread runs through them -- both offer the superior user experience you get when an OS is created under a single roof and with a singular vision (unlike the Linux experience), but without sacrificing the power and flexibility of the Unix core.

I don't intend to limit my posts here to OS X-related stuff - I'm also interested in web application development technologies, Microsoft scare stories, webcasting, digital rights issues, content and copyright, MP3, and so on. You know, the usual constellation of geek gadgets and related topics.

By day, I'm the webmaster at UC Berkeley's Graduate Schoool of Journalism. By night, I do freelance web development and PHP/MySQL programming. FWIW, I actually maintain two blogs: this is my technology blog - my personal / miscellany blog lives at