Introductions are in order

by Griffin Caprio

Hello all.

My name is Griffin Caprio and I'm a new blogger here on Apologies are in order to Kurt, my fearless editor, since this is my first post and I actually came into the O'Reilly fold back in March. I am very excited to blog here, as the O'Reilly xml community is at the forefront of XML evangelism.

I'll be blogging mostly about semantic technologies. However, this will not be just another Semantic Web blog. Most of the talk surrounding semantics is centered on the Semantic Web and it's potential to usher in a new era of interactive / integrated web applications. Personally, I'm more interested in using semantic technologies to tackle the oceans of data companies are amassing internally. Some people call that Business Intelligence (BI) and some call it Data Mining (DM). I'll try and stay away from those types of product categorizations and concentrate on the pragmatic application of semantics.

As is standard practice here at, please feel free to leave me comments and / or suggestions if there is something you think I should know. We welcome all feedback!


2008-05-12 07:06:35
Welcome! We look forward to your posts.
I would LOVE to learn about this semantic thingy and how you can do REAL business with it.
M. David Peterson
2008-05-13 03:36:28
Welcome, Griffin!