Iotum Launches Channel Partner Program

by Bruce Stewart

One of the more interesting bits of news coming out of this week's Astricon is a new channel partner program being launched by iotum. Iotum CEO and VoIP power blogger Alec Saunders posts some thoughts on the new program here, noting that partner programs don't mean much without actual partners and that iotum has already signed on several, including, Core Telecom Innovations Inc, ESCAUX, The Flat Planet Phone Company, Integrics Limited, and Nufone Incorporated.

Alec also points out that programs like this are a "validation of the use of XML based web services to connect up new communications applications," which he believes is one of the foundations of the Voice 2.0 platform. That's something we heartily agree with here at O'Reilly -- opening up APIs and using open and standards-based methods of interconnecting systems is a great way to encourage adoption of a company's new products and services and to help create an active developer ecosystem around a new technology. This is something that iotum clearly understands (and which Alec has written about extensively), as they continue to expand the reach of their products with innovative partnerships and deals. By creating an iotum Asterisk module and interfacing with products like PhoneGnome and participating in developer programs like AOL's Open AIM Phoneline initiative, iotum is quickly becoming a shining example of the new breed of telecom companies (ok, ok, Voice 2.0 companies ;) that will succeed without having to become entrenched in the slow and restrictive business models of the incumbent telecom carriers. No walled gardens for these guys!