iotum Wows Them at Demo

by Bruce Stewart

iotum.gif I was happy to hear that iotum impressed at Demo this year, so much so that they were chosen as one of the ten "Demo Gods" of the show. That's quite an accomplishment and I expect it will mean the good folks at iotum will receive a lot more attention (and funding) in the near future. I met iotum co-founder Alec Saunders at ETel and saw a demo of their powerful relevance engine, and I'm not at all surprised this technology wowed the crowd at Demo. It's powerful stuff. And I also agree with Andy Abramson, it couldn't happen to nicer people.

For their Demo launch, iotum just released a new feature called Pronto conferencing to their platform around conference calling which makes a lot of sense. Since the system already knows about it's customer's various phone numbers and schedules, why not let it ease the task of getting people together on conference calls? I'd sure love to never have to scramble for that always-elusive conference call access code again.

Jon Arnold has a good post today on iotum's Demo success, with more links for those interested. Congratulations Alec and Howard!