IOUG Live! 2003 Day #5 (Thursday)

by Stephen Andert

I started my morning with Kent Hinckley's session on DBMS_STATS. I learned that the ANALYZE command has been deprecated as of version 9i, but still must be used in order to LIST CHAINED ROWS. Hopefully, someone at Oracle will add the LIST CHAINED ROWS functionality in the DBMS_STATS package before they eliminate ANALYZE completely. I also found out about the option to use block sampling instead of row sampling which Kent said provides the same results in most cases and reduces the I/O activity. This is definitly a tip I will take back to work next week.

Schemata or schemas, which is the "proper English" plural of schema? Well, I guess it depends on where you're from. Barry Johnson had a good session about security, with a strong focus on the security at the schema level. He talked about people who are using resource manager and leaving key elements of the profile at very unsafe values. Barry also discussed the responsibility if you use public database links and public synonyms together. He covered many other areas that are very important for anyone charged with security and if you are a dba, you should be aware of these issues.

Brian Hengen gave his presentation on Online Reorganizations in 9i. He discussed some of the reasons that reorganizations are necessary, mainly to clean-up chained rows, rebuild indexes and reduce excess extents.

The last educational session that I attended was Steve Lemme's session on fragmentation. He discussed that there are options for many types of maintenance including table and index rebuilds. Frequently, the options are to pay now in preventative, scheduled maintenance or pay later in downtime and unscheduled maintenance. He referred to the concept of PONI (Penalty Of No Investment) and that there are costs of doing nothing, whether by planning or ignorance.

The sadness of saying goodbye takes some of the fun out of the last sessions. There is a lot of talk among attendees regarding what their favorite session was and wondering if the economy will be enough better next year so that many of us will get the chance to go to Canada for the next conference.

I will be posting a wrap-up of the conference after I return home and have had a chance to summarize my thoughts and notes on the two sessions that I have not yet posted, the annual Brownies with the Board and the Oracle of Oracles session.

Till then...

Any favorite sessions?