iPhone $100 Credit - Beautiful

by Derrick Story

I just walked through the 3-step process to receive my $100 credit for being an early iPhone adopter. The process couldn't be easier. You enter your phone number and serial number on the Apple web site, they SMS you an access code, you enter the code and receive the credit that you can use online or in person at an Apple Store.

I haven't commented much about the early-adopter penalty. Maybe because I've been one for a long time. But I can't ever remember receiving a credit because I bought technology on the first day it was available.


Terry Thiel
2007-09-14 10:00:25
Didn't work for me because I used a new number for a few days and then ported my Verizon number over. So it doesn't recognize the number I have been using for several months. now I have to send an e-mail to Apple and wait.
2007-09-14 13:50:27
I also have been an early adopter of new technology for quite some time.

Like normal, Apple makes the process of obtaining the credit almost painless and easy. Other companies would have probably ended up requiring receipts, stupid forms, and usually a 3 month wait to get the credit.

Joseph Marra
2007-09-15 08:51:44
The process was easy: I bought one of the new aluminum keyboards (which I love) and a spare battery.
Joshua Wait
2007-09-15 15:18:29
The process was easily the smoothest coupon, rebate or credit process I have ever experienced. Apple deserves some credit for having thought the process through well. Hopefully, they will gain back some of the good will they spent by having made such a radical change so quickly.
Tom Thomas
2007-09-18 08:55:29
I was amazed it was so easy - well done apple! Can you imagine Microsoft giving you a rebate? Apple has my loyalty
Sean G
2007-09-21 00:21:13
I couldn't agree more. The process was as smooth as can be, with what I'm sure was a lot of back-end authentication / automation.

The amount of foundation/services/automation to make something like that possible is outstanding!

-- Sean