iPhone 1.0.2 Update Available, Boosts WiFi?

by Bruce Stewart

The second iPhone update was released earlier this week, officially released for undescribed "bug fixes". There have been reports that the 1.0.2 update improves scrolling in Safari and that it may even boost the phone's WiFi reception. The update reportedly uses a validation process to wipe out hacked versions which forces hacked phones to get a fresh install. I don't expect that will be slowing our iPhone hacker friends down much, though.

Let us know in the comments if you've upgraded and seen any change in your WiFi reception, or other interesting side effects from performing the upgrade.


2007-08-23 16:57:37
Smooth update. However I have the iPhone syncing photos from laptop and the rest comes from the desktop. I get an unknown on the laptop now error (-50), no sync and no image folders show in the iPhone iTunes Tab. Thereofre nothing to sync. Have they killed multiple computer syncing?
2007-08-23 22:07:18
One new feature I noticed is that while you are in a call, if you go to another app, a text displays at the top of the screen saying tap here to return to call.
2007-08-25 08:42:43
That's been there since at least 1.0.1 (maybe 1.0, I can't remember).
2007-08-25 20:32:25
The return to call has been there since the announcement of the iPhone and Steve Jobs demonstrates it in his keynote speech.