iPhone toolkits: complementary development and O'Reilly coverage

by Andy Oram

On March 10, O'Reilly will release Jonathan Zdziarski's book iPhone Open Application Development, currently available as an online RoughCut. Online and brick-and-mortar bookstores will have the book as soon as shipping permits.

Apple has just released a toolkit for application development on the iPhone. Readers will naturally ask: what is the relationship between the material in the book and Apple's development environment? Can they apply what they learn in the book to Apple's toolkit?


2008-03-12 08:33:03
I can figure this out... this book and some members of the iphone dev team freak out about Apple's new SDK isn't open enough, but the same people won't release their own code for hacking the iphone because they say it is private information know only to the dev team. double standard?