iPhone Users: AT&T / Cingular Voicemail Susceptible to Caller ID Spoofing

by Nitesh Dhanjani

I just got myself an iPhone and I'm extremely pleased with it. I think it's the best cell phone on the market - a sheer pleasure to use.

The purpose of this post is to alert new iPhone customers about a security vulnerability in AT&T/Cingular's Voicemail system that has not been fixed for more than a year. I first wrote about this on February 1, 2006: Exploit Cingular Voicemail Vulnerability via Caller ID Spoofing. As soon as I got my new AT&T/Cingular number, I tested for this vulnerability and I can confirm that it still exists for new AT&T/Cingular accounts (atleast for iPhone customers). I can't force AT&T / Cingular to fix this issue, but I can tell you about it so you know what to do to protect yourself from this vulnerability.


Jake Wolpert
2007-07-06 12:28:27
THANKS so much! I read about your cure on macslash!
David Brown
2007-07-06 15:26:02
does this affect visual voicemail at all?
2007-07-06 21:36:29
Visual voicemail is just an interface to your voicemail system. If you have a message that shows up in visual voicemail, it will exist in your vanilla voicemail system too (until you erase it). So, yes, it does.
2007-07-13 00:21:17
I personally prefer http://www.PhoneGangster.com - Phone Gangster - over spoofcard any day!