iPhoneDevCamp Reminder and No NDAs Needed!

by Bruce Stewart

Here's the scoop on this weekend's iPhone development event from Raven Zachary. Note, that Adobe has dropped their requirement for attendees to sign an NDA, so if that was keeping you on the fence there is no longer any need to worry about it.

iPhoneDevCamp is an upcoming gathering, inspired by BarCamp,
SuperHappyDevHouse, and MacHack, to develop web-based applications
and optimize web sites for iPhone. It is a non-commercial event,
organized by volunteers, with attendance free to all. By the
completion of the weekend event, a number of iPhone-ready web
applications and web sites will be launched to the public. The event
will be held at the San Francisco offices of Adobe, and out-of-town
guests are welcome.

Attendees will include web designers, developers, testers, and iPhone
owners, all working together over the weekend to improve the web
experience for iPhone. Development projects will include both solo
and team efforts. While some attendees will wish to work solo during
the event, we encourage attendees to team up, based on expertise, to
work in ad-hoc project development teams. All attendees should be
prepared to work on a development project during the event. You do
not need to own an iPhone to attend (although, a large number of
iPhones at the event will make the development and testing process
much easier).

Attendees will be able to:

  • Create new web applications for iPhone.

  • Optimize existing web applications for iPhone.

  • Migrate Dashboard Widgets to web-based widgets for iPhone.

  • Test and optimize web sites for iPhone.

There are more than 30 sponsors for the event including Adobe,
Yahoo!, O'Reilly Media, BMC Software add Laszlo Systems (among
others). iPhoneDevCamp is not affiliated with Apple, Inc.

The event is being held the week following the public release of
iPhone, to allow prospective attendees some time to acquire an
iPhone. This also allows early-acquirers the opportunity to do some
experimentation before attending the event.