iPhoto 5.0.1 Update Fixes

by Derrick Story

iPhoto 5 users have a patch waiting for them via Software Update. I ran through my checklist of desired fixes, including some of those from readers that were discussed at the end of my A RAW Look at iPhoto 5 article. Here's a brief summary of what's changed and what hasn't.

  • It's now much easier to drag albums into folders.

  • My test .mp4 movie that would not import before, now uploads smoothly into iPhoto 5.0.1

  • I experienced fewer bumps in the road exporting slideshows to iDVD.

  • Performance in general seems more snappy (but it's always hard to tell if this is wishful thinking or reality).

  • Apple says that iPhoto 5.0.1 does a better job of importing iPhoto 4 albums. I can't verify this. I was lucky and didn't have any problems before.

  • I still cannot import .wav files created by my digital camera, often referred to as "sound annotations."

  • Movie and RAW metadata (in the Photo Info panel) is still sparse.

I'm happy to see such a quick update to both iPhoto 5 and iMovie HD. Let me know how iPhoto 5.0.1 works for you.


2005-02-02 23:45:16
A quick side note...
If you use the "Check for updates" function in iPhoto 5.0, it tells you that you're current. So you have to go to Software Update to get the new 5.0.1 version.
2005-02-03 00:13:31
someone's watching...
do you get the feeling the iphoto team waits with bated breath to hear what your complaints are?

Unfortunately, the update, doesn't exactly break, but does turn off Keyword Assistant 1.8.2 for the most part.

But, wonder of wonders, there is already an update.

Keyword Assistant 1.8.4

2005-02-03 08:13:00
Open in External Editor
After the 5.0.1 update, I can now ctrl-click on images and use the "Open in external editor" command. This was grayed out in version 5.0.