iPhoto 6 and 3rd Party Apps

by Derrick Story

I depend on 3rd party apps and plug-ins when using iPhoto. I thought I'd give you a quick rundown on how they're working with version 6.

  • iPhoto Library Manager -- I'm still using version 2.0, which I like a lot. It's been fine in iPhoto 6, allowing me to switch among my libraries and create new ones. Here's the official word from Brian's site: "Photo Library Manager 3.1 and earlier are partially compatible with iPhoto 6. You can still use iPhoto Library Manager to create new libraries and switch between them, but the album copying, merging, and importing features are not currently functional. An update for iPhoto Library Manager will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks to provide full compatibility with iPhoto 6."

  • Photon 1.1.1 -- Everything seems fine with this plugin for posting iPhoto images on Movable Type and WordPress blogs.

  • BetterHTMLExport 2.1 -- This wonderful web page plugin that I also use for creating navigation on CDs works the same as always with iPhoto 6.

If you're using 3rd party apps with iPhoto 6 that I haven't covered here, will you post a comment and let us know how they're working for you?


2006-01-20 18:01:20
iPhotoToGallery 0.62 works with iPhoto 6
The current version of iPhotoToGallery (http://zwily.com/iphoto/index.xsl) works. This plugin allows you to export directly to a Gallery-powered website. Gallery is an open-source PHP photo gallery engine (http://gallery.menalto.com/).
2006-01-21 07:22:37
Flickr Export?
I started using iPhoto two days ago. Downloaded Flickr export after 2 hours, had some photos up on Flickr about 39 minutes later. And I was being slow about it. It was rather neat.

This was all on version 6 from the get-go. I didn't encounter any problems, although I haven't given it an extensive test, being just a newbie :)



2006-01-23 17:43:52
Date Manipulation AppleScripts
I updated my set of date manipulation AppleScripts for time-shifting and resetting dates to work with iPhoto 6. The best news for me in the iPhoto 6 is that photo dates are now accessible from AppleScript as true date objects and are finally read/write. That means no more UI scripting kludgery, hacks and dark arts just to set a photo date.

The set of four open source AppleScripts are available here:


Peter Coppola
2006-01-28 00:05:16
I was using a 3rd part plugin to send my photoalbums to a print house (in Australia we don't have a local Apple-based service in iPhoto). The plugin works fine with iphoto 6 on my brothers G4, but wont work on my intel based iMac. Just wondering if anyone knows if this is a flaw in iphoto intel version or a prob with the developers plugin.
2006-02-02 20:24:38
Installed iPhoto 6 and alarmed to find that the previous date based image filing system has gone - replaced by a so called roll based filing system. What a dog....the previous system was fine, allowing you to easily locate pictures using other apps like the Photoshop browser when required.
Beginning to wish I hadn't installed it - how can I go back - is there another image management system which will store the way I want?
Edmund Fladung
2006-03-15 15:17:08
I was getting "server error 500" messages with Photon 1.1.1 and iPhoto 6 and WP 2.0.2. there seems to be a bug somewhere between the three apps. I finally got the image uploading to work, but Photon still gives me the server error message. weird.
Aaron Linville
2006-04-12 14:19:56
iPhoto to SQL works fine in iPhoto 6. Export your metadata and filenames into an SQL dump file and get scaled thumbnails/images. For those people who have rolled their own online photo galleries but still want to use iPhoto to organize them.


2006-05-03 11:47:27
The Photon site is temporarily offline, pulled by the designer. :(
2006-05-18 07:29:52
iPhotoToGallery and iPhoto 6
For whom might search how to access iPhotoToGallery in iPhoto 6 (Version 6.0.3 here) - Apple seems to make people buy iWeb and .mac, so you can't as easily find your iPhotoToGallery Plugin in iPhoto 6 anymore... it is now in the Export Dialog under the File menu ;-)