iPhoto Can Change Your Aperture Preference

by Derrick Story

I had the weirdest thing start happening recently: every time I connected a camera or card reader, Canon's CameraWindow would lanuch. It was driving me crazy. I thought Aperture controlled this function.

Well, the culprit was iPhoto '08. It had somehow picked up Canon's CameraWindow as the application to launch when my card reader was attached. And the darndest part of it was that iPhoto changed my Aperture preference too. Whoa, dude!


So I changed the setting in iPhoto '08, double-checked the preference in Aperture, and moved on. So, if you've just installed iPhoto '08, keep an eye out for this one.


Zach Chadwick
2007-08-27 08:15:42
I ran into this same issue. Turns out its a system-wide preference that you can set from a couple different places. Check out Image Capture, and go to Preferences. It's controllable from there.
2007-08-27 08:54:09
Yes, exactly. My point was that when I installed iPhoto '08, it somehow picked up CameraWindow and made the change for me :)
random bob, a.r.c.
2007-08-27 09:04:58
Yeah, I guess a new person could become confused over it, but it's a logical thing (sort of). It's a question of how the computer handles a file type, not a program. You can set it in different programs that handle those files (Aperture, iPhoto, Image Capture, et al) but in reality you're not specifying with the program how a file type is handled, you're specifying with the computer how it's resolved.

Same thing with different browsers. You can select from each different one on your machine which is the "default," and it takes effect system-wide. because it's a computer preference, not an application-specific preference. The real problem is, how does one know (before deductive logic) that this is supposed to be the case? We kinda need a System pref pane that handles these queries, instead of having it set in a myriad of different locales & program preferences.

2007-08-27 09:38:45

I think that this is actually the result of Apple making the 'when I connect a camera preference' available outside their Image Capture app.

Previously, when you set your preference in Image Capture, it was automatically applied to iPhoto and Aperture. I bet Apple was trying to make this option more accessible and easier to find.

A lot of Apps will automatically set themselves to be the 'helper' app for importing images- so if you recently installed (or reinstalled) your camera manufacture's app it will automatically promote itself.

Jim Cutler
2007-08-27 14:01:13
Strange, iPhoto '08 doesn't give me "Aperture" as a choice in the iPhoto 08 preference drop-down. It only offers Image Capture, iPhoto and Nothing. Aperture (latest version) is definately installed and active.