iPod and Corporate America

by John Sequeira

Related link: http://ipodder.sourceforge.net

My brother's employer, BIG BANK Inc., has decided to get every employee above call center and administrative staff an iPod so they can listen to things like earnings calls on their way to work. All 6,000+ will also get a free subscription to audible.com for those few times when they might be motivated to listen to non-work-related stuff. (hah!)

He said that he wasn't sure what was in it from the Bank's perspective, but I replied that it seemed like a sneaky, blackberry-like way to reclaim more of the few off-work hours he has (in addition to the marketing value for potential employees).

He wasn't worried -- he figured by the time he got his MP3 collection on there and a bunch of audible.com audio books, there wouldn't be too much room for work stuff :-)

Know of any good iPod downloads more interesting than quarterly earnings calls?