iPod AV

by Erica Sadun

Lots of Digg interest about the iPod AV over the weekend: a MacShrine article (taken down after "Apple Legal sent a DCMA to our hosts who then suspended us for most of the morning") and a Gizmodo video purporting to show the next entry into the iPod market. In a nutshell, these show a rectangular 4-ish-inch screen with a virtual scroll wheel, and a standard docking port on one of the short edges.

Assuming these leaks are not faked, I'm not sure how much I like (or dislike) the idea of on-screen virtual scrollwheel manipulation, especially given how easily my 5G scratches and picks up fingerprints. Also I think I'd miss the wonderful tactile response of the real scrollwheel.

If you want to take a look, you'll find mirror links to the original pictures at Digg.


2006-03-07 03:58:31
Given that the two iPods are on top of an iPod Hi-Fi -- which had only just launched when the pictures were released -- I think it could be real. It's also consistent with the rumours.

For all of those that managed to see it, if you look at the bottom shot, the screen has subtle distortion lines. That's either one incredible eye for detail on the part of the hoaxer, or it's the real thing.

Plus, the other shot shows the iPod AV being held almost horizontal shows the distinctive colour distortion you get when viewing an LCD screen from an acute angle.

In addition, the video clip -- while short -- is also consistent with the images.

I'd say these are either of the real pending product, or someone went to an inordinate amount of effort to make a hoax.

If this is real, I don't see Apple releasing this thing just yet!

For a start, the current iPod is still shining new on the shelves. Apple would probably make a loss on that model for the sake of the new one.

Plus, what will you be watching on your iPod AV? Those small video clips Apple are selling through the iTunes Music Store?


Let's just put ourselves in the mind of Mr. Jobs for a second. He wants High Definition. He wants to make an impact. He wants clear blue water between Apple and the other guys.

Nothing less than full-size HD video will do!

I'd hazard a guess that Apple have a more substantial video service offering in the pipeline...