iPod nano bag (and a bit of registration weirdness)

by Todd Ogasawara

If you've been wondering about that special bag people (like Derrick Story in iPod nano First Impressions) are talking about, wonder no more.
You can see what it looks like in the photo here.

I bought my iPod nano at my local Apple Store.
It was a good thing I wanted a white 4GB model because that was all they had by the time I got there just before noon on Saturday (Sept. 10).
The battery was fully charged when I tried my nano, so I was able to try my first iPod right away.
Couple of comments about this first iPod experience.

  • As usual, the package the nano comes in is as attractive and compelling as the product itself.
  • As a Linux/Windows geek who only recently wandered over to play with a Mac, the USB-only connection (no Firewire) didn't bother me.
  • The lack of a A/C recharger and no user replaceable battery did though :-) (But, I've read all the grumbling about this before buying the unit).
  • The online registration process was awful. The system never accepted my serial number (checked it three times on both the packaging and the unit). When it finally gave me an alternate registration process, it seemed to go OK. However, the confirmation email thanked me for buying an iBook. Hmm.
  • The photo display is nice and crisp though awfully small (but that doesn't bother me). I wish it had a zoom feature though.
  • Moving files from my Mac mini to the iPod nano was extremely fast. I had become used to the snails pace USB transfer from my Windows PC to my Pocket PC and was surprised how fast a real USB 2.0 file transfer can be.
  • I wish MP3 players, in general (not just the iPod), would add an easy bookmarking feature for Podcasts. Or I am missing something here?

Overall, I'm very happy with this first iPod of mine.

How is your iPod nano experience going?


2005-09-12 06:02:15
Registration issue
I had the exact same problem with registering my nano. Confirmed the serial number on the box matched that displayed in the about menu on the nano itself, but the online registration refused to accept it.
2005-09-12 06:29:22
podcast bookmarking
The iPod does remember the last place you listened to your podcast audio file. However, there is a need for manual bookmarking, so you can skip to sections of the podcast for later review. Better yet, is if the audio content can have chapter markers, so that you can skip to/past certain sections. Useful for story narratives or skipping past commercials. Maybe they'll put it out in the next revision of the iPod Update?
2005-09-12 09:17:48
I don't understand how packaging can be 'compelling'. What does it compel you to do that other packaging doesn't?

And is it really as 'compelling' as the product it holds?

Simpler, more accurate and more descriptive, surely, to say that the packaging is beautiful.

2005-09-12 11:01:15
I just received the nano I ordered from Apple 2 days earlier than the scheduled delivery date. I did find the packaging compelling as well, very sleek. I was certainly compelled to open it. I had no problem registering it either, so my experience so far is good... and as this is actually a present for a friend, I will have to wait to see how she feels about it all...
2005-09-13 13:39:12
Is this guy for real?
Signed up at O'Reilly today just to ask; Is this some kind of a joke? MVP with Microsoft mobile devices eh? Why is it so many e-zines think it would be cool to get a MS-life partner to cross over and review ("play" with) something from apple? They never get very far before they comment about how they can't wait until something other than an apple can do that thing that it does so good. Because you are only visiting, right? And you can't wait to write that review called (cliche warning) "The iPod Killer?"

Don't worry Todd, I'm sure some third-party co. is busy inventing an ipod nano backpack that holds 4 AA batteries so you can complain about how it is too thick to keep in your pocket. Weird.

2005-09-14 07:44:33
it compels me to:

a) save the packaging. i don't do this with everything, but if i ever resell an apple product on ebay, i want the buyer to have the packaging and experiencing that great feeling of opening it up.

b) show the packaging to others as an example of what great product design is all about.

c) gush about said packaging on a blog comments section. :)

2005-09-15 12:14:34
beating the compelling horse...
Apple packaging compels people to collect it! Sickos.


2006-04-17 05:06:55
I love my iPod nano. I'm scared though (after a little research) that my lithium battery is going to run out.

Also, if you mosey on down to rockbox.org - they have software there which allows you to play Doom on your iPod, aswell as zoom in on Pictures (and it doesen't crop the resolution/file size either).

With RockBox, my iPod nano is awesome (I don't use it for Music though). You can still use the original iPod firmware.

Michael (SaberGun) - SaberGun@gmail.com