iPod + Nike Shoes = NikePlus.com

by Todd Ogasawara

Apple and Nike teamed up to offer a sensor for Nike's Air Zoom Moire shoes that connects wireless to an iPod nano (presumably not a Shuffle or standard iPod). The NikePlus.com website says that the products will be available on July 13.


2006-05-24 13:27:28
what a shame...

2006-05-24 15:55:51
What a stupid comment by "marc". What do you mean slavery. You don't have to buy the products. Last time I checked creating products for a lifestyle was exactly the right thing to do.
2006-05-24 17:16:14
Now if only they could beat match the song with your running tempo.
2006-05-25 08:28:24
i don't buy nike. there are alternatives. but now, as an apple user for 18 years, this company invades my computer-platform of choice.
if i had the same alternative to apple as i have to nike (new balance still produces their high quality lines in us and uk) i would boycott apple now. unfortunaly its nothing in sight besides linux, which is no alternative. too bad. please understand me, this is no trolling. there is a good reason to boycott nike, if we want to change things:
i expected more from jobs as a moral person. but its his good right.
2006-05-28 12:13:01
Too bad they're attempting to tie it to a brand (nike shoes only). But I suspect it would take very little to hack the device into decent shoes- well not hack, but attach. Or so I hope. I can't wear nike as they don't make shoes that take my feet/gait into consideration.
2006-08-25 23:28:06
marc - good source of information - the report on third world traveler was created in 1997...not so sure new balance still makes their shoes in the us...go back and check your facts
2007-05-25 00:49:02
Marc, stop being an ass. Pick any product with a made in China label and it will be made in the same conditions as Nike. The press only ever goes after the big names, whilst smaller producers get away with a lot more...Same story for charity organisations, only targetting large western companes, usually ones making a profit. Oh and they are charity right, relying on dollar donations? Last year Apple were criticised for ipod manufacturing condidtons in China. So some new rules were brought into the factory. ONE factory...what about the 1000's of others? Oh by the way the Apple story was first brought to light by MSNBC...!

Oh and by the way Im writing this on my Macbook, will be running home tonight from m office in Nike+ trainers and my ipod...And my office is in a factory in China, 3 blocks from the Apple factory.

2007-12-13 07:02:30
does anybody know if u need a special chip for the nano or anything, or does the shoes just automatically send the program to the nano?