iPod Video Tutorials from Apple

by Erica Sadun

Getting these to download is a little tricky, so be persistent.

Download Music and Video to Your iPod

Playing Music & Video on Your iPod

Beyond the iPod Basics

Troubleshooting Your iPod


2006-11-03 08:36:17
They may be tricky to download because Apple is sending them as the wrong MIME type (text/plain). This will make some browsers think they are text. Ironic, given that they are iPod movies :- )

If you right click the files and choose whatever your browser calls 'Save' on the links above, it should work just fine.

download.m4v = 14,417,087 (14M)
play = 14,383,045 (14M)
beyond.m4v = 19,929,878 (19M)
troubleshoot = 5,652,576 (5.4M)

Thanks for the links!