IPython 0.7.2 Released

by Jeremy Jones

I just noticed that IPython 0.7.2 was released, so I updated my dev environment to this version by doing easy_install --upgrade ipython. Anyone who uses Python even casually and doesn't know about IPython needs to install it. This is one of a few of what I consider to be "must have" tools. It is an enhanced, customizable shell for Python.

I started IPython just to make sure it upgraded properly and to thumb around a bit. It said that it was on the correct version, so I gave the %magic command and started browsing through. I don't know if I have just been asleep for a few months or if there are new features, but there's some really cool stuff in IPython that I hadn't noticed before. For example, dhist prints your history of visited directories. This has been in since before 0.7.1, so I've apparently been asleep. Another feature I've missed is pfile. I'm sure I'd be embarrased to know how long these features have been in and how much time they would have saved. Looks like my article needs updating. I guess I'll be reading the docs on IPython today. Great work, folks.