iRiot and Hilarious Slashdot Thread Description

by Ming Chow

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Now this Slashdot thread is classic!

This thread title: Henrico County iBook Sale Creates iRiot

Blurb: What do you get when you combine 1000 used iBooks being sold for $50 and 1000 people desperately wanting to buy them? You get an iStampede of course! Add into the mix one guy who watches too much wrestling and one gal who re-lived her first Backstreet Boys concert by wetting herself and you'll being looking for video of the whole thing.

But seriously, 1000 used iBooks being sold for $50? I don't think the amount raised will cover the cost of the entire event, let alone the fracas. And what about the planning of this event? I have seen, and been a part of, plenty of events like this that have gone smoothly. What a shame!


2005-08-16 20:05:22
More than 1000 people
Some accounts put the number at 5,500. If there were 1000 people and 1000 iBooks, there would probably be no riot.
2005-08-21 03:44:42
Haven't these folks heard of eBay?
At least to research prices. Supply and demand are
concepts you'd think someone would teach in schools.

I've heard of henrico county before....
didn't they buy 23,000 iBooks for students?