IronPython 2.0 Beta 3 and Python 3.0

by Todd Ogasawara

OK, I admit the subject line is a bit misleading. IronPython 2.0 Beta 3 has nothing to do with Python 3.0. However, since Python 3.0 might be released as early as next month (August), I wondered if there are Python 3.0 related plans for IronPython.

So, I checked various Microsoft IronPython blogs....

- The IronPython Team Blog
- Jim Hugunin's blog
- Harry Pierson's blog
- Dino Viehland's blog
- Srivatsn Narayanan blog

...and didn't see anything regarding Python 3.0. So, I used Google and found Michael Foord's blog entry titled...

Python 3.0, IronPython 3.0, Robots, Talks and Python in Interesting Places

...who way back in early 2007 reported from PyCon that... Importantly, Python 3.0 was up on the list. The IronPython team is definitely intending to support Python 3.0.

So, IronPython 2.0 looks like it is on track. Python 3.0 looks like it is close to release. The question is when these two will sync up.

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