(IronPython + Smalltalk + Lisp) + (Windows(Browser.IE, Browser.Fx), OSX(Browser.Fx, Browser.Safari)) + Silverlight ==

by M. David Peterson


IronPython Running on Virtual Desktop � 21st Century Smalltalk

NOTE: Technically speaking, the title doesn't perfectly match the above graphic, but as per below, it will soon enough...

Above is a test of IronPython running on a "Virtual Desktop" inside a browser.

I created the "Virtual Desktop" libraries to allow me to create a Smalltalk environment within a browser. As part of my porting Vista Smalltalk to Silverlight, I have modified the desktop to be compliant with any DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime) based language; so it is now possible to run IronPython in workspace windows with Smalltalk-like interaction ("DoIt", "ShowIt", etc). This, of course, will also apply to IronRuby, Vbx and JScript.

Once I have an initial Smalltalk compiler working, I will attempt to run everything in Silverlight.

A while back I proclaimed Peter Fisk as a *ROCK STAR*. I would like to officially withdraw my position and change it to the following,


Hype O Skeptic
2007-05-04 01:27:51
That looks like IE7 to me not Firefox.
M. David Peterson
2007-05-04 06:20:44
@Don't Believe the Hype,

You are correct. That is IE7. Your point?