IronRuby and Ruby.NET Labor Day Weekend *HACKFEST* Extravaganza

by M. David Peterson

So with the release of IronRuby to RubyForge and opening things up for community contribution (you will need to sign a contributors agreement before they will be able to accept your contributions, but that's completely normal and an understood necessity by anyone who has contributed to a large open source project before) what better way to celebrate than by throwing a *HACKFEST* Extravaganza?

Of course, while we're at it, why not spend some time helping out with the *other* .NET Ruby runtime and compiler project, Ruby.NET?

So without further adieu,

This Saturday... day, day < Sunday... day, day, and < Monday... day, day *ONLY*, the IronRuby and Ruby.NET Labor Day Weekend *HACKFEST* Extravaganza is coming to an IRC channel near you,


- and -


[Said in the deepest, most stern Monster Truck Weekend announcer voice I can conjure up] BE THEEEERRE...