IronRuby? Dynamic Language Runtime? Silverlight w/ .NET Support? Welcome to a Brand New World, My Friends...

by M. David Peterson

Mike Harsh's Blog : Silverlight Including .NET Support - Download it Today

Silverlight Including .NET Support - Download it Today

Last year at MIX we announced that we we%u2019re integrating .NET development into Silverlight and today we've released a version with .NET support. This is a huge milestone for the team and we've been working obscene hours to get this ready. There's a nice set of other new features in this build as well. Windows Media streaming support. VideoBrush, playlist support, media markers and script commands, support for uncompressing .zip files, improved text rendering, ink support and z-index. One of my favorite new features is the ability to extend the XAML language using managed code. TO test this functionality we've created a set of controls that you can download and use. You can download the new builds, the controls, a set of new samples and *way* more information on our new community site

Some highlights from the community site:

Refreshed samples
Update Quickstarts
A great set of How Do I videos
New Silverlight forums
What's new in the Silverlight Beta (Includes breaking change information for updating your February CTP samples)

I'm giving a talk about Silverlight media integration on Tuesday but after that I will update all the samples on my blog to work with the Silverlight Beta plug-in. Until then you may see a script error on my blog page.

Oh, my... Of course, the rumors have been piling up in regards to this event for several weeks now, but until the actual event took place, it still seemed to good to be true.

Apparently it's not.

Nice! Thanks, Microsoft!!!