Wiki is Live!

by Todd Ogasawara

The brand new Wiki fired up yesterday (June 19). This Deki Wiki based site. This is the place to go for information about IronRuby. IronRuby currently requires you to download and build from source. But, as soon as the lazy geek version (pre-compiled and ready to install) binaries are ready, you can expect a lot of people heading to this site to learn more about IronRuby.

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Dustin Puryear
2008-06-23 12:07:32
What's the difference between Ruby and IronRuby?
Todd Ogasawara
2008-06-24 00:57:13
Dustin: Ruby is the original Ruby dynamic language. IronRuby is an implementation of Ruby using the Microsoft DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime) which itself is a set of services designed for dynamic languages (such as Python and Ruby) added to the Microsoft CLR (Common Language Runtime). The result is a dynamic language (Ruby in the case of IronRuby) that is a first class .Net language.